garden red sauce

I just made my 17 year old son his late night snack: meatballs with red sauce and pasta. (Its exhausting keeping a teenage boy fed!) And, thrill-of-thrills, he complimented the sauce!!!

So, this reminded me I forgot to note my red sauce here (made September 4). Being a non-tomato year, this year’s version includes all sorts of garden vegetables and only a few tomatoes.

It wasn’t really a recipe: I threw what I grew in the pot and cooked it down.

A bit more detail: I put all the vegetables I needed to use up on the counter and a pot on the stove. To the pot, I added onions, garlic, and olive oil and sauteed a bit. Then I started adding more vegetables to the pot. Being lazy in the kitchen, I skipped peeling the tomatoes and peppers and added these whole or halved. I added purple, pink, red and orange tomatoes, beefsteak, romas and cherries. (I figured the Sungolds would sweeten it up like adding sugar.) I added red and green peppers. Plus lots of carrots and summer squash. After simmering a long time, I pulled out the tomato skins, pureed everything, poured it into baggies and froze them.

Would be nice if I get enough early fall tomatoes to make another batch soon. I really enjoy having my own garden red sauce after the fresh garden vegetables are gone. It makes great pizza sauce. And there’s nothing like a little compliment here and there from a teenager!

kitchen sauce 1
sauce 3
sauce 5 sauce 6


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