my popcorn is delicious!!!

popcorn and skippy popped corn

I tested a few kernels of popcorn and they popped well we made a batch (1 ear). Small bright white kernels. Add salt and melted butter. First thing, we brought it to my 17 year old. Here’s the conversation:

(I put the bowl down near him…. Munching sounds start…. more munching sounds..)

“Do you like it Sam?”

“Is it as good as your usual popcorn?”
(munching, I tried to wait for elaboration…)

“Ohh. What’s better about it?”
“The flavor.”

And that’s very true. I completely agree. (And very nice to have such an involved conversation with a teenager.) The kernels are smaller. But they taste delicious. A very subtle nice flavor that tastes like, well, popcorn. (Instead of microwaved Styrofoam with fake butter flavor added.)

So good we made another batch tonight. Its going fast! My 30+ ears definitely won’t last long at this rate. (Another 28 or so days.)

Another definite for next year’s garden!

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