35 ears of popcorn drying

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I husked and hung 35 ears of popcorn. I picked about 50 ears total, but many were not pollinated. That’s what I get with a small corn patch I guess.

I enjoy the different colors. I planted two varieties: Faribo White Hulless and Baby Golden. I’m wondering if the multicolored ears were pollinated by both of two types? With corn, each kernel gets pollinated separately by a grain of pollen that comes down the silk. Most of the ears have round kernels, but a few of the ears have pointed kernels. The pointy versus round kernels is not mixed on the ears – must be a maternal characteristic. Next year I’d like to add some red or blue into the mix. What fun!

All ears had worms in the tips, so I cut the tips off. There seem to be many organic methods to prevent Corn Ear Worms. I’ll try these next year if this crop pops well.

I hung them all in the basement. Out of the way. I’ll test a few kernels now and then until they pop well and then I’ll shell the ears and store the kernels in jars. I’m thinking they may make good Christmas gifts – in pretty jars with fancy ribbons. If Skippy doesn’t eat it all before then.

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  • They look beautiful! Last year I got a few ears from my CSA, and I was instructed to shell them after they dried. I never got around to it, and I tried putting the whole cob in a brown lunch bag and popped it in the microwave. It came out great – the bag was full, and the cob had some still stuck to it, but not many, perfect for gnawing on, and the chickens loved them. So if you don't get around to shelling them, this works too!

  • That's great JAM. Thanks.

  • Jennifer Smiles-Bell
    October 5, 2009 3:10 PM

    Thanks for the pictures of the ears drying, my 9 yr old daughter and I are first time popcorn growers this year (southern WV) and we were not sure how to dry…. Thanks again!!

  • How do I know when it is time to pick the ears of popcorn? What if there is a hard freeze BEFORE the kernels are dry on the stalks?


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