Shung Yuang Asian white pole bean


Chinese beans

Seeds for these beans were given to me last year.  They are unusual pole beans with a lumpy shape, green and white color, and unusually crisp lemony flavor.  They are not Yard Long beans, which are much longer and thin. I’m very pleased these were shared with me.

This is my first bean harvest this year. I think my pods aren’t as long as the pods Shung Yuang grew last year. I’m growing them next to my house where its a bit shady. My crop is late because of the cool weather, slugs, clouds, etc….

I’m adding this later (Jan, 2020) as I’ve just come across this same bean on-line. It is called Asian white pole bean. There is a really cute video of Asian white pole bean on YouTube.

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  • These are so pretty! They almost look airbrushed!

  • They look really pretty. Do the beans have a name?

  • I asked Shunguang that and he said they have no name. Just beans from a friend. I call them Shunguang's beans. (I think I'll change my post title from Chinese beans to this name.)

    I'm looking forward to saving seeds myself this year.

    Maybe I could trade these for a variety I am looking for – like red flowered fava beans, or Late Blight resistant Brandywines.

  • Those beans do look very interesting and the recipe looks good too. Asian veggies are so interesting.

    I forgot to add the melons to my flickr question. How are they doing, did the remaining plant make it? I finally have a couple female blooms just closing. I sent the melon seeds to Granny as well and they have done very well in her hot/dry climate. She has a photo up of two beauties at the following link:

  • Dan,

    My melons haven;t done much. 🙁 I may be about like you. Probably some fruits just setting now. The single Charentais has done almost as well as my watermelons and better than my Crane and Anne Arundale's melons. But none are doing much. I noticed a small watermelon forming last week.

    I'll remember to check on the melons soon. Everything is a bit hard to find in my plot now since the squashes and pumpkins have taken over.

  • I had to pull all of my beans!! GRRR! They were infested with little, yellow, furry BUGS. Ate the leaves transparent. SO, I REsown a few more beans (Topcrop & Kentucky Wonder Pole). NOW…I'm getting beatles!! They are light brown with black spots. The beans are about 2 or so inches tall. HELP!! How do I get rid of the beatles??? And what if those little yellow bugs come back….is there a way to get rid of them too? I prefer homemade, organic repelents. Anybody have suggestions??


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