this is the garden

Community Garden Plot

garden 3

this is the garden:colours come and go,
e.e. cummings

this is the garden:colours come and go,
frail azures fluttering from night’s outer wing
strong silent greens silently lingering,
absolute lights like baths of golden snow.
This is the garden:pursed lips do blow
upon cool flutes within wide glooms,and sing
(of harps celestial to the quivering string)
invisible faces hauntingly and slow.

This is the garden. Time shall surely reap
and on Death’s blade lie many a flower curled,
in other lands where other songs be sung;
yet stand They here enraptured,as among
the slow deep trees perpetual of sleep
some silver-fingered fountain steals the world.

A beautiful hot day yesterday. To lovely to pass up. I did garden maintenance nearly all day. Weed whacking and trimming the paths and front area that we are trying to shape into a a gathering area. The weeds here are still aggressive, but after being trimmed a few times now, thick grasses are filling in. I imagine a group of Adirondack chairs under the tree… flowers below the sign posts… maybe a grape arbor… and occasional gatherings with speakers or pot luck dinners.

I took the photo above around 6 pm in the thick evening light of mid summer. The air is so full you can see it. Light bounces around and makes spots and streaks across the pictures. Skippy has been exploring the paths most of the day. Tired and hungry as he is, still I will need to pull him to get him to leave.

Here is a slide show of 6 more evening garden photos.

garden 2

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  • I remember my Grandfather speaking of community gardening in the past. Times have chnaged since The Great Depression, but it is nice to see a small but powerful movement back in the direction of self sustenance. That is a beautiful community graden you all have, and you captured the feel of the evening in your photographs.

  • Marian(LondonUK)
    July 29, 2009 8:59 PM

    Hi Kathy great stuff! At our allotment site we hold an "Allotment Festival Day" each year inviting local dwellers to come and see what others in the community are doing. We print leaflets and plot holders take allocated roads in the housing areas to post these as well as posting in local shops etc. (well those that aren't miserable people!) We charged 50 pence at the gate, children free and had a thousand people last year. I won't list it all here but if you think it might work where you are, I can give you an idea of some of the stuff we organised.

    Marian (LondonUK)

  • Wow, that sounds like a great event Marian. I'd be very curious about what you do. You can email me at if you have time, or post here. Thanks!

  • Gorgeous shot Kathy. The heat the last couple days has been much appreciated!

  • I live out in the country so there are no town community gardens, but I know of some in the more populated areas. Its fun to grow with neighbors. This year is exceeding lush. Not necessarily in the vegetable garden, but grass, trees and shrubs are happy.

  • What beautiful light you have there at 6pm, what a lovely photograph. Skippy looks particularly happy out there!

  • i enjoyed the slide show. Lovely post! I don't know if I knew you gardened at a community garden. We have some in our town, too, all sponsored by the same group.

  • Sweet Skippy…..
    Kathy, you have a very good blog.


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