photos from my garden

bean sprout bean sprouts
pea pod
alpine strawberry pea flower and baby pod
wet tomatoes
marigold nasturtium leaves
basil sulfurous cosmos
bee on cuke blossom
baby diva cuke pickling cuke
radish chinese pole beans
pole beans

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  • Marian(LondonUK)
    July 19, 2009 6:02 PM

    Lovely piccies Kathy. I am having to contain my excitement each time I visit our lottie now and discover that something I have been hoping will work, has! As per your cucumber photo ours has similar sized fruits. It is the first time I have grown them and the little cucumbers are so cute! I have grown them over a small arched structure and hope that the strong winds we have been having over the past few days don't damage them.

  • It's a wonderful set of photos!

  • Those are beautiful garden photos! Things are looking great! My green beans were eaten by rabbits. I got a meal out of the first crop, then all the plants, those producing, and those just coming up were all eaten within a couple days.

  • Those are great! My beans were also eaten by the rabbits, I have one surviving plant however that will produce a serving or so of beans 🙁 I have two questions. I have tons of green tomatoes (brandywine, mortgage lifter, yellow pear, black krim, and marglobe) the only ones that are ripening are the black krim. The brandywine are huge, probably 6" or more in diameter, and there are no signs of pink. There are many fist sized green tomatoes that have stayed the same size for 2 weeks and are not ripening…Why is this happening? Also, Some of the brandywine tomatoes have a purple tint similar to the very beginning of the black krim ripening process, is this a nutrient deficiency?

  • Very beautiful as usual! Here in New Orleans my summer garden is pretty much finished and I am prepareing to plant a second crop.

  • Lots of different stuff growing. Very Nice! – Dave

  • Love your pictures! How did you create the layout

  • Dawnie (CT)
    July 22, 2009 4:26 AM



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