my first potato harvest

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potato plants
potatoes in colander potatoes grilling

I cut down lots of my potato plants today because many have late blight. It looks like the potatoes are OK though. This is a pile of Russets I dug. They were volunteers in one of my paths. I was impressed with how many came from one plant. And how big they are already. They sure tasted yummy.

skippy with 1st potato harvest

potatoes (Solanum tuberosum)

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  • Great looking potatoes! And what a great picture of Skippy. He's such a good boy!

    – Amelia

  • I recently discovered your blog and have been admiring your extensive vegetable gardens and bountiful harvests. I have a modest plot in a small community garden up the road from me. I'm trying to convince a non-gardening friend to sign up for another plot so we can work it together and plant twice as much stuff.

    Sorry to hear about your tomatoes. One of my six plants seems infected – I'm trimming affected leaves from it almost every day – it's nearly bald at the bottom! Otherwise my tomatoes look great and have lots of plump green tomatoes that are just starting to ripen. I hope it doesn't spread!

  • Skippy looks so proud! Great photo!

  • Those potatoes look so delicious! Produce from volunteer plants is such a gift.

  • Kathy, can you point out in the photo what is characteristic of late blight on your tater plants? I'm still trying to get a handle on this. Looks like slugs munched on them to me, and there's some yellowing. Is the yellowing what you're using to diagnose this?

    Debbie in Concord, MA

  • Oooh those look yummy. I think our potatoes have light blight too..not sure. But I'm certainly encouraged that you're getting potatoes from some of yours despite the blight.


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