summer nor’easter moves out

a patch of blue

Good-bye! and good riddance! to gray skies and rain.

I think all of New England was cheering the tiny patches of blue sky today. But still, we have the odd air flow with clouds moving in from the north. Our summer weather normally comes from the west. Normal, that was until this year….

“A nor’easter gets its name from its continuously strong northeasterly winds blowing in from the ocean ahead of the storm and over the coastal areas…some low pressure systems associated with nor’easters may develop tropical storm characteristics such as an eye in the center of the low”

The current NOAA satellite loop for today shows our weather has resumed a westerly flow. I suppose I just haven’t noticed it yet. I’ll check again tomorrow…. Right now, I hear rumbling and see lots of lighting action off to the north. Skippy and I are hanging out of the porch watching to see what kind of storm we get.

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