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I’ve filled up all my beds and have begun planting extra plants in the paths. (The paths were too wide anyway…) It seems like everything is growing very fast. Potatoes are enormous. The tomatoes are beginning to grow well. Squash and eggplants too. I put melons and pumpkins at the edges of paths to grow up the fences. The cabbages and lettuce are especially lovely now.

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  • Very impressive!

  • You beds are starting to look nice and full. I am planting out my melons soon. I have had them growing in peat pots in the poly tunnel and have been waiting for it to be consistently above 68f. I think I am just going to plant them as it seems I could be waiting a while…

  • Nice. I have plants growing in my paths too. I don't plant them there however. They are volunteers. Your potatoes look so huge and health. Very pretty.

  • What wood did you use for new raised beds?
    I've been following your entries. Your garden was the inspiration for my garden this year. I will be building raised beds in the fall as the garden dies out.
    So far this year we've enjoyed lettuce, arugula, and broccoli raab. My kids are almost as excited as I am.

  • Amy, The wood for these beds is untreated pine (or fir) from the cheapest bin at Home Depot.

  • I think I came across your blog last year while searching for anything about 'delicata' squash….could be wrong, but the bit about growing them up the fence is ringing a bell. I hope you get a great harvest this year! The garden looks nice and that rose is to die for. You are well on your way to a bountiful harvest.


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