Father’s Day and first day of summer

Watching the Seasons

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Summer is here!

But who would know?! A Nor’easter in New England is bringing us heavy overcast, winds, and more rain….

Summer began 1:45 A.M. EDT on Sunday, June 21, 2009. This day had the longest daylight of the year – and we couldn’t see any of it. Also Father’s Day.

I gave my dad a couple of gardening gifts: I cleaned up his old red garden trowel that I had “borrowed” accidentally for the past few weeks (as he’s been asking for it back) and I put a nice bow on it. He gradually recognized it and was quite amused. Also, another brand new cultivator and a big red begonia in a hanging pot. And we went up to his house, made him dinner, and drank his martinis. A nice visit.

Outside was 60*F, dark and WET. I took bunch of garden photos and got soaking wet. Dad’s garden looks beautiful in the rain.

dad's garden 10
dad's garden 6 dad's garden 5
dad's garden 12 dad's garden 4
dad's garden 9 dad's garden 7

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  • Aww, what a sweet daughter. Sounds like the same stuff we've been getting out west. Cold, rainy, gloomy. Sun is finally shining today, with partial cloudiness, but still chilly. Beginning to wonder if there really is going to be a summer.

    Wow, garden looks nice!!! Mine is way behind. Still have some things to put in today. Speaking of which, need to get moving. 😉

  • Wow! Great looking plot! I wish we closer to sample the harvest with you and your Dad, when it's due!

  • Kathy,

    Marie in Boxford here again. I always look you up in spring now to see how you are doing with our weather.

    I hold you as the gold standard and love to compare what we're doing.

    I would love to see your parents' garden someday. Again, we live just a half mile up from the M's with their oreo cows and buff orpingtons. We just built a coop ourselves this year and after 8 started pullets which are now laying up to 5 eggs a day, 28 layer chicks arrived at the post office this morning.

    That's an adventure in itself today. Best, Marie

  • Are you sure this isn't April showers? – Dave


  • Yep our weather here is in the 50's at night and 60's by day/ We need some heat. Love the cleaning of the garden tool and returning it! How funny!

  • Yes, we've had just a horrible wet, dark and dreary month here in Maine too. Soggy and sluggy to be exact,but your gardens look amazing, as does your dads.

    Let's hope July brings the Northeast sunshine and warmth, with showers only in the overnight hours right? 🙂

    Happy growing.

  • Sun! I miss the sun!! The slugs are winning in the garden. My tomatoes are small. At lest the lettuce looks great and the peas love this weather. I still miss the sun though. I think I see a peek now, although it's supposed to be just a tease!!

  • please tell how are you keeping all the weeds out

  • Hi aunty,

    I keep the weeds out by pulling them up. Sorry, nothing fancy.

    My dad recommends a Dutch hoe, but most of my rows are too close for this. I like an hour of early morning weeding (early for me is 11 am), on a sunny day. Actually, I've got a lot of weeds to catch up with right now.

    I think July is going to be fantastic weather! I'm ready for it!


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