plant corn when oak leaves are as big as squirrels’ ears

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baby oak leaves

I brought home this stem of white oak leaves today to remind myself to plant my corn seeds soon. Its time … “Plant corn when oak leaves are as big as squirrel’s ears” is an old phenology truism. These oak leaves are almost as big as rabbit’s ears now. I better get to it!

phenology: planting by natural cues
Popcorn (Zea mays averta)

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  • I planted corn with everything else and the sprouts are about an inch tall 🙂 Only 4 out of 12 are sprouting though so I’m hoping the rest are just a bit slow… I hope yours turn out great! Are you going to directly sow them into the ground?

  • Yay I planted my corn last weekend! Hope it comes up better than my beans.

    I have tiny white worms with brown heads eating the insides out of all of my bean seeds before they sprout. Any ideas what they are or how to kill them? Thanks!!!

  • Nice. I hadn’t heard that before!

  • Steve, I’ve never heard of those bean worms. Maybe someone else has.

    And yes, I was planning to direct sow the corn. I’m just not sure where.


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