well I did get some peas planted …

Starting Seeds

pea bed

… but not the others yet (favas, potatoes and onions). I have a lot of business taking precedence… My priorities are all messed up. The others need to go in soon. But at least the peas have been planted.

I used branches this year to support my peas. I’ve read that the supports should go in when you plant the peas and not later. And I’ve heard that well branched trees like fruit trees make good pea supports. I used pruned branches from my crab apple tree.

I ran out of wooden row labels so I grabbed a plastic container from my recycling bin, cut it up and it worked great. One of my resolutions this year is to label my plants. Unlike last year.

Unfortunately, I must have lost focus mid planting and planted a row of Tall Telephone peas in the Wando area. So now my Wando’s and Tall Telephone’s will be mixed. Oh well. These are very similar – both 6 ft shell peas, so its OK. But I had wanted to compare them separately.

I planted one row each of Sugar Sprint (a 2 ft early sugar snap pea) and Wando, and two rows of Tall Telephone. I’ll plant another row or two of each once these rows sprout. I like to try to space out the harvest a bit – at the risk of running into weather that’s too hot for peas. Risky this year since I’ve started so late.

I also have a soup pea to plant soon – beautiful purple podded Capucijner peas.

I planted this year in my best pea bed: it warms up fast in the spring, then gets shaded by a big tree as the weather gets hot. In previous years, this spot has produced super well. But I’ve learned not to count the peas before they hatch….

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  • ooooooooooooh! I didn’t know there were soup peas! I’ll have to get some for next year! We have a couple varieties of peas we’re planting and hope to dry some for split pea soup this winter.

  • I’ve been reading your blog for the past few weeks now and thanks! I look forward to your postings every day.

    How tall are the tree branches you put up with your pea planting? I planted pea varieties that grow upwards of 6 ft, so I am not sure whether to use stakes with netting or what. But we do have a lot of hardwood branches lying around in our woods.


  • I think your garden will be even better than last year’s. 🙂

    How much space do you have? The beds you set up look HUUUGE but what are the dimensions (if you know)?

  • The tree branch idea is neat! Very attractive, and also eco-friendly. I’ll have to try that next year. I feel kind of bad about using plastic netting this year, since it’s not biodegradable.

    – Amelia

  • I cut up some old mini blinds and made garden markers out of them, see a photo here:


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