today’s seed sowing list

Starting Seeds

My planting calendar says to plant zinnias, cucumbers and pumpkins this week. I started some extra greens too.

Spinach, Bloomsdale, 1 6-pack
Lettuce, Valentine mix, 1 6-pack
Lettuce, Merveille 4 seasons, 1 6-pack
Zinnia, White Star, 4-pack
Zinnia, Bernary’s Giant Purple 2 6-packs
Winter Squash, Lakota, 3 seeds
Pumpkin, Baby Pam, 6 seeds
Pumpkin, Big Rock, 3 seeds
Pumpkin, Jarrahdale, 3 seeds
Cucumber, North Carolina Pickling, 6-pack

I didn’t finish, but will plant the following soon:
Cucumber, Diva, 6-pack
Cucumber, Straight 8, 6-pack
Cucumber, Tokiwa, 6-pack
Cucumber, Sweet Success, 6-pack

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  • MarianLondonUK
    April 20, 2009 10:19 PM

    Hi Kathy, having a last peep here before retiring for the night! Some of my seeds seem to be forging ahead, quicker than last year I am sure. It is getting to the point where they need to be planted out, cross fingers, arms, legs. My/my sister are embarking on our first year with a lottie, soooo want it all work. Just have to think that all that comes up and harvests is good as it has all been grown from seed in a bedroom and conservatory in Suburban London.
    Regards and a pat for Skippy boy.

  • I’m a growing zinnia’s from seed as well, a dwarf one called ‘Magellan Mix’. I looked for them as transplants last year and couldn’t find them anywhere so seeding it is.

    You plants are looking great in the photos below.


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