heat wave ahead

How about the weather forecast for New England! 85*F on Sunday! Time for flip-flops and martinis in the garden. Ahhh….

I think tonight is the last cool night of the season. I have had half of my seedlings (the cool weather ones, like lettuce, beets, broccoli etc) outside to harden off for the past several days and nights now. But tonight I brought them inside as temps may get into the upper 30’s. Not a frost. I think our last frost was last week.

It is definitely a good time for transplanting all of these cool weather seedlings into the garden this weekend. I may even put row cover over them to protect them from the sun a bit and hold in humidity.

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  • I think we may be in for one or two more frosts up here in N.H. I have some things to put into the window box but I will have to enjoy your gardening for now.

  • I’m so looking forward to a nice warm weekend on the Southshore! I’m going to be working the beds and trying to get some mulch down in the perennial bed. As for hardening off, my hubby and I both work long hours outside of the house. Is it OK to leave the seedlings out all day (in a partially shaded area) and then take them in when we get home? I’ve read that I should only leave them a out for a few hours hours everyday and then increase that… My only other option is to get a seedling sitter! LOL Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Its tough. One worries so about these little plant starting on their own in the big world….

    You should definitely shelter them for the first few days out. Especially if there’s any wind. The wind and the sun dry them out very fast in their little pots. I would let up a shelter around them, like a tepee of lattice, or hoops with row cover. You want both part shade and wind protection. Or a seedling sitter.

  • BTW,

    my 9 very early planted tomatoes lost most of their lower leaves yesterday. They were outside tues night and wed night and both days. Too much for them. Temps were 48-60. With a good breeze. They’ve been out a lot prior to this – I’ve been gradually increasing the time. They’ll recover, but I didn’t meant to stress them. I shouldn’t have included the tomaotes with my cool weather vegetables.

    I brought a few peppers out too with the cool weather guys and they have done fine. They really shouldn’t have stayed out o/n yet either.

  • We are having the same weather, should be a great weekend. I just got in, it is suppose to top out at 71f this afternoon so I am going to go do some planting now.

    Peas, broad beans, broccoli, onions & mystery plants will all be planted out today & tomorrow. Exciting times!

  • I got my bean and corn seeds into the garden today. I think I’ll hold off transplanting my lettuce/spinach and broccoli until Tuesday, when the temps will be in the 70’s. I haven’t killed anything off so far and don’t want to start now. LOL.
    I’d sown my carrot, turnip and radish seeds last Friday and then covered them with plastic when the heavy rains came so the seeds wouldn’t wash away. I took the plastic off yesterday AM and was so happy to find that the turnip and radish have sprouted. Here we go….
    : )

  • hit 90 today here. I stayed inside. I am no more acclimated than my plants.

  • Thanks Kathy for the hardening off info! I like the idea of building a little teepee or shelter for them. I’ll have to try that out.


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