First Portie

Skippy, Suzie & Charley

Obviously not my photos, but I just love to see this little puppy. The “first puppy” is an incredibly cute 6 mo old Portuguese water dog – a perfect age to bring home a puppy. The puppy teeth are a bit less sharp by now…. the puppy has figured out what to do, no more chewing or peeing every two hours all night. The first spring, I took Skippy out every x hours all night for every x months of age … and there were many very rainy and cold spring nights.

When Skippy was young, he was a terror when we ate dinner. He had to be retired to his crate and still he’d cry and bark and chew the bars… Arrg. He’d chew everything. I have no photos because he never stopped moving. And I had to follow him and because he was constant trouble. Then, at about 8 months, he decided to stop biting every finger, though he still chased small children and runners for a while yet…

Oh, its fun to see puppy pictures and reminisce!

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  • My parents had a Portuguese water dog and dearly loved her, although as I remember, she was quite the prima donna!

  • .. I can imagine! They have a mind of their own.

  • Is the first dog related to Skippy? do you know its history, its pedigree?

  • Its nice to see a Portuguese breed in the White House. We are having quite a fuss about it here in Portugal 😉

  • Oddly enough, I’ve met Ted Kennedy’s porties, and I’ve met Skippy. Now I just need to meet Bo, and I’ll have met the who’s who of the VIP (very important portie) list.

  • Bo is SO handsome! I wish my Portie mix had that ultra-black hair; he’s got black mixed with gray. I’m glad he was a return, too, so he was more or less a rescue dog, as the Obamas had planned to get.
    I just hope everyone doesn’t run out and get a PWD now, for the dogs’ sakes. Overbreeding is such a bad thing.
    Incidentally, both my PWD mix and my last dog – a full PWD – were pound rescues. I wish I had met them as puppies!

  • I wonder how they are getting on with the First Puppy? I haven't heard anything recently.


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