spring is getting closer

Watching the Seasons

tulips winter hazel
skippy crocus

More and more signs of spring are around now. Though snowstorms seem to come weekly, it melts fast. Underneath, crocus and tulips are sprouting. Winter hazel is blooming bright. And Skippy’s swimming hole has thawed.

After this winter, it seems almost too good to be true…..

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  • I’m glad you’ve got something like spring in Boston – here in Northern Illinois we’ve just had two days of pouring rain and 30s – but at least it wasn’t snow!

  • I am just hoping that this weekend just wasn’t a tease. I am SO ready for Spring!

  • It’s good to see the signs of hope, isn’t it!!!

  • Spring is creeping in here in CT too – it was in the mid 60s all weekend 🙂 And even if there *is* another storm, I’d much rather have it this time of year than a month or 2 ago – as you said, anything that falls now will be gone in a few days, not freezing and tormenting us for weeks to come. Your pictures show the changes so well.

  • Please see my comment for the latest thread!


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