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Two envelopes of seeds were waiting for me when I came home from vacation a few days ago. The ones from Ohio Heirloom were a free gift since this brand new company is using my tomato photo on their website. The seeds look awesome. Nice simple packets. (Thanks for sending them!)

And I love the little packets from Reimer Seeds. I ordered a few extra tomato varieties from them.

This weekend I’m planing to do some serious planting. Its time to plant broccoli, eggplant, lettuce, more onions, peppers, marigold, parsley, basil and beet seeds. Wow!

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  • Getting seed mail is the BEST mail. This is my first year ordering seeds and it has been rather exhilarating. I have too many seeds and am having trouble deciding what to grow. I have already started some 7 different kinds of peppers and 3 different tomatoes. My tomatoes sprouted in a little over 3 days!

  • I’m envious–I’m still waiting for my Fedco order. I’m in Boston, near you. I can’t wait to start my seeds indoors as well. You must have a large operation.
    Happy planting!

  • MarianLondonUK
    March 6, 2009 10:21 PM

    I am so glad that I am not the only seed hoarder, I was drawn to a Veg Growing Magazine last week because I was interested in it’s great sowing techniques OR was it subliminal because there were three seeds being given away. I love reading everyone’s comments and tips, congrats to you Kathy. I am quietly feeling happy as 4 of my 15 celeriac seeds have popped up their heads – fingers crossed.
    Have a good weekend everyone.

  • Most of mine arrived today. What a great feeling!

  • When I went to plant my seeds today, the ones left over from fall planting last year, I couldn’t find them anywhere!

    Well, since I’m a seed hoarder I found instead three ziplock baggies of seeds left over from previous years. Some are pretty old – I think one bag at least said 2001!

    Regardless, I went ahead and put some of them in. If I don’t see any action from them I’ll just put in the other seeds once I find them 🙂

  • Just so exciting to have unusual heirloom seeds to be looking foreward to planting! I have done some great swaps over the Winter and can’t wait!

  • Really like your blogg! I also love my vegetable garden, we grow maybee 6 months worth of veggies.



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