seedlings – onions, thyme and tomatoes

Starting Seeds

onion sprouts tom seedlings

My onions are doing well. Also early tomatoes and tiny little thyme. So far, no lavender or celeriac sprouts. I’ll keep watching.

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  • Its amazing how quickly they come up. They look so small and delicate! Glad they are doing so well, it must be rewarding to see how they’ve grown during your trip 🙂

  • Yay to your little seedlings! I’m suddenly reminded that I should begin to sow my onions too…your pics give me something to look forward to.

  • Everything looks so great!!

  • Looking good! Very very good, not leggy, nice and stocky, you’ll be transplanting in no time. My own seedlings are still weeny, it’s been colder this year than last and temps in our garage are only in the 45-50 degree range even with the heat mats. Oh – I checked out that link for backyard chickens at Codman Farm. The woman who is teaching it works in the school system here in Westwood! Small world.

  • The onions are looking great. I hope my second seeding turns out as well as yours.

  • Dawnie (CT)
    March 6, 2009 4:43 AM

    I just planted my Lisbon bunching onions last Sunday. Also, chives, oregano, parsley and thyme. I’m starting brocolli this weekend. Can’t wait for the WARMTH!

  • I don’t know you but I have a question. I am starting my first garden and planted some onion seeds, all of them came up, when should i thin them, and how man can fit in a 1 in square? If you have time to shoot me an email that would be awesome! Thanks

  • About those onions. I wasn’t planning to thin mine. Most of my 1 inch cells have about 4 seedlings, some have up to 10 seedlings. Onions can grow very dense and since the stems are strong, you can pull them apart OK when you transplant to the garden.

    I also read you can plant groups of 4 or 5 onions seedlings together and they push apart and do very well. Tiny Farm blog does this: multiplant onions But you need to give the groups good spacing for big onions.

    I like to transplant my onions to about 3 inches apart and use every other one as a green onions and let the others get big bulbs.


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