photographing a snow drop

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I found a new button on PhotoShop today – “Variations”. It was already hard enough to choose what photo looks best. Now 10 to choose between. But I’ll have fun playing.

Variations gives a bunch of different light and color settings all next to each other on the same screen. I think I prefer the lighter version of this snow drop. And the greener shades. Of course, it’ll look different on its own or with my green blog background. And still not the same as it looked when I took the photo – out in the crisp spring morning air.

When I take pictures, I usually use PhotoShop to edit. I don’t like to use a flash. So I often brighten photos and reduce the shadows. I play with the “shadows/highlights” feature for this. Then the auto settings. Then the color adjusts.

And, late on a Sunday evening, I even try the artistic filters….

snow drop
snow drop pencil snow drop watercolor

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