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Skippy and I walked through the community gardens and looked at my plot today. The sky was dark gray with a snow storm approaching from the west. But its nice to see that there has been quite a lot of melting. In many places, the ground is exposed and muddy.

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  • Ahhh, you gotta love a clean slate.

  • Yes! That’s true. Imagine what could (will) grow here this year!

  • That garden looks familiar! I’m right around the corner.

    Last night I started my mini purplette onions and some cherry tomato plants (a little early for the cherries, but a small experiment).

    I’ve been making seed pots from newspaper and am growing them in old cat food tins…talk about recycling! I’m not planning to plant the newspaper in the ground, although people make that suggestion.

    spring is in the air.

  • I’m experimenting this year with very early tomatoes, too. I planted four plants last week and hope to have sprouts very soon. New Girls, Brandywine, and Orange Blossom. After this winter, I’d really like spring to start early!

    3 cheers for recycling!


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