vegetable gardens doubling this year !

Well, my very unofficial poll in the post below seems to say that there will be twice as many vegetable gardens this year! Wow. It also says that EVERYONE will have a vegetable garden (i.e. nobody doesn’t have a garden). Great. Right now, with a grand total of 71 votes (that must be a significant number…), 48% are starting a new garden and 52% already have a garden.

Maybe I don’t have the complete picture here 😉 but still it makes me happy to think about new gardens. I wonder how many home vegetable gardens there really are out there. In the US? In the world? I spend my days doing a lot of medical statistics. I wonder if any garden stats exist?

I read a few sources saying that vegetable gardens exploded last year. We saw it at the Belmont Victory Gardens. For the first time all of our 100+ plots were leased. I especially like this recent article that says: “Although no one tracks the exact number of vegetable gardeners in the United States, gardening organizations and stores have consistently reported an increase in activity in the past couple of years.” According to the article, the main reason for the increase is the economy. It certainly is hard to beat the cost of a package of seeds for 60 lbs of sun ripened heirloom tomato (4 plants worth they say). Its even harder to beat if you factor in the pleasure of gardening.

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  • And don’t forget the taste and the satisfaction of doing it yourself.
    Success is contagious.

  • I think a lot of people are getting the growing your own buzz. I went to a fruit tree sale this month in Houston and was told they would have plenty of trees – no worries! Well they sold out within two hours and I didn’t get any trees that day. I went to two fruit tree classes and they both had double the number they expected. Pretty great especially since you can’t let fruit trees set fruit for a few years after planting. The Patient Gardener!

  • I just ran into a friend today who wants guidance on her first ever vegetable garden, which she is planning with another first-time gardener. Yes, I think it’s spreading…

  • I am also doubling my garden. Love your blog.

  • The taste of the veg (and fruit) is amazing, but the sense of seeing something grow, live, and bear such rich rewards from hard work is what lured me into my garden. I’m often very stressed from my job, and having something to tend and care for makes me step back and really take in the world around me. I think partly that is what may bring others into it lately too, there is a lot of stress out there! And this is a way to completely step away from the “ordinary” daily life.

  • Last year I had two friends start to grow vegetables that hadn’t done it before. They didn’t do it because they needed food. I should ask them why. I’m guessing to control the food they eat. They both did CSAs last year, also for the first time, though to be fair one person had been on a waiting list for a year.

    I have very few people in my area that have vegetable gardens. There is one gorgeous one a couple of blocks away, but I’m the only one on my block that does.

  • Veggie Gardens are the best. Half a year ago all I had was a straggly pot of herbs, 18 tomato plants and more veggies than you can count later I think it has hit a full blown obsession.

    And it is growing, friends at uni who once called me mad are now asking for veggie garden growing advice. While it seems to be catching on lets hope it last longer than a yo yo or marble craze.

  • I’ve seen it really catch on in recent years. In my neighborhood alone which is about 15 houses, I can see 5 gardens from the road. I always try to peek to see what they are growing when we drive by. lol.

    I think people are worried about the quality and safety of the grocery store produce. I know around here the “fresh” produce is simply disgusting. A lot of people grow their own or buy from the farmers markets. Besides, its really fun to watch your food grow. I find that I am a lot less wasteful when I have to put work in to it.

  • Lots of different reasons for growing a your own vegetables. How could anyone call you “mad” for gardening, siskelkk?

    I wonder if it IS a transient thing?

    Seems like its a basic, to me. Grow your veggies, take care of your family, take care of yourself… But then maybe its just my personal pleasure in rows of greens that makes this a “hobby” for me.


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