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Skippy, Suzie & Charley

snow on skip snowy skippy
Skippy came out with me to check on the kale. I love the way the snow collects on his thick fluffy fur and doesn’t melt.

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  • Skippy looks like he’s dusted in confectioners sugar!

  • Oh that’s so sweet.
    Beats me how you live in the snow like that though.

  • Yeah. Another 10 inches today. I don;t even want to think about it.

  • What happens when Skippy shakes? I’m skiing in the Sierra’s and we could use some of your snow. The terrain is pretty bare. Global warming or just a dry, warm year?

  • HI Alice,

    Global what? Actually, I happen to have An Inconvenient Truth on the TV now…. Thought I’d finally watch it.

    We got 10 inches today (so far – its still coming down) on top of more than 30+ inches total snowfall already this season. Way above our usual levels.

    I spent much the day shoveling and blowing snow. I wanted to make a snow man in the front yard, but didn’t get time. Maybe tomorrow.

    I tell Skippy to “shake” before we go into the house, and it all flies off him and instantly he’s a dry black dog again. Such a good boy.

    These days Skippy is wishing for a job, I think. He likes a challenge. Likes to show he knows what to do. Too bad he doesn’t work for a fisherman. In the middle of the winter, we’re doing a lot of sedentary and indoor things. He’ll be happy when he can get back to guarding my garden plot. ME TOO!!!

    Have fun skiing, sis.


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