one inch of snow, more on the way

Old Urban Garden
3 Comments one inch Looks like much of the central and northeastern US will get the next storm that’s coming on Friday. Hold onto your hats!

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  • We are supposed to be hit as well. Six inches on Friday and then another six inches on Sunday. I filled up my gas can as the snow blower will be working over time.

    You have a beautifully weathered fence.

  • I’d be happy as a clam to get some snow. Lucky, Lucky! I haven’t seen snow in years. 🙁 After living in northern WV and moving to Southern MD, I miss it terribly; it’s just not winter until you get a good snow fall. Enjoy it!

  • We’ve had torrential rain is S. CA… Brrr… I know I know… It’s not snow but I’m not used to it. =)


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