the gray before the storm

gray fields

I hear Boston has some weather moving in. This may be the last of our brown and gray fields. We didn’t get last week’s ice storm – only rain. But we’re expecting 2 inches of snow tonight, another 6 on Friday and then a third storm on Sunday …..

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  • Sounds like my daughter and husband will be getting the moving truck packed at the right time!

    Kathy, I really enjoy your blog. I first picked it up because my daughter was in college in Boston and I wanted to see how you were gardening up there. The daughter is finished with school and moving to Tennessee, but I will continue to follow your blog for the quality info, good pictures and the cute dog!


  • Good timing!

    I bet Tennessee is a great climate for gardening.

  • pretty in its own way…

  • Tennessee is good for gardening. The rest of the family lives in SC now, but there used to be a wonderful farmers market in Memphis. We’ll see how well the daughter does in Nashville. We did find a promising looking farmer’s market there. She won’t have space available for more than a container garden or two for the time being.


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