my last garden tomatoes

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the last garden tomatoes

This is about it for my garden tomatoes. The green tomatoes I picked a couple weeks ago are now ripening and we’re enjoying them in salads. Though this year’s wet weather gave me a small harvest, the variety was nice. I grew ten different types of heirlooms and hybrids. The late producing varieties (in this photo) are Purple Calabash (purple and green fruit) and Oxheart Red (wonderfully meaty and tomato red). I’m partial to the ‘tomato red’ colored fruits.

tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum)

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  • I just picked the last of my tomatoes too. How is your parsley? Mine is still going strong:-)

  • My parsley is really good, too. I think maybe the parsley is the last to be frost killed? I should go out and pick a bunch so I remember to use it. Its nice in everything. cheers!

  • The tomatoes look wonderful. How is the taste of the dark ones compared to the red ones? I have only grown red, but plan to try one of the darker varieties next summer. At the moment I am experimenting with growing tomatoes in my sunroom this winter. So far, the cherries are fruiting, and the paste have just flowered and hopefully set fruit. 🙂 And the parsley out back in the garden looked so good I scooped it up into a pot and brought it in to use all winter. It could probably use a larger pot, but it doesn’t seem to mind too much.

  • Your tomatoes are gorgeous. I have only one heirloom left and a few roma hanging in my garage. Goodbye sweet summer. -Sandy

  • I don’t know if I can tell the different in taste between the dark and red tomatoes. They both taste great. I find the difference mostly in consistency and I like the meatier ones.

    That’s very ambitious to grow tomatoes inside! Wow. Good idea for the parsley. I think I’ll try that too.

  • Your tomatoes are gorgeous!!!


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