horse manure for the garden

horse manure pile

Someone leaves manure from their horses once a week at our community garden. All the gardeners scramble to collect this and dump it on their gardens. Today I joined in. I shoveled a wheelbarrow full and brought it to my frozen garden. I spread it out in the center. It needs to compost, but should provide good nutrients in the spring.

Only problem is Skippy. I don’t know what is so exciting about horse manure to a dog. Bllaagghhhh. Oh yuck… I may need to skip the horse manure thing next time.

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  • This is a serious issue. Our dogs used to hike a path in Altadena that was also used for trail-riding. You just *could not* keep them out of the horse poo.

    It won’t hurt him, though. So that’s something.

  • Oh yeah…dogs and horse manure…My dog is crazy about it to. As fiona said it wont hurt him…its just a desgusting habit.

  • Definitely deeesgusting. I’m glad to hear its OK. It did upset Skippy’s stomach.

    After dumping the barrow full in the middle of my garden – where I grow food I eat – I was also concerned about the healthfulness of this for me. But after checking around, it appears there’s no significant risk of horses excreting agents harmful to people. (Here’s a reference with sources.)

    I think though, that I’m looking forward to assembling compost bins. I’d rather dump the manure in there with the veggie waste and let it compost a season before using it in the garden. I’ll have to check into this later.

  • I have never heard of that canine affinity! Weird.


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