Gretta’s distribution

skippy and the distribution

I went over to Gretta’s CSA farm this morning and took some photos of her distribution. It has a number of new items that will need identification for her customers. I’ll be posting a photo labeled with mouse-overs on her blog later today.

I spread all the vegetables on a bench in her hoop house, along with a box of each of the five apple varieties (each distribution includes just one bag of apples). Lots of roots, squashes and greens. Skippy seemed to like hanging out here. He seems to have taken to the task of guarding vegetables – just like he does at my garden.

I have signed up to get half a distribution myself. Mine starts next weekend. I’m looking forward to trying all of these veggies myself!

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

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  • Thanks for the picture! I’m so excited! I read on the CSA blog everything that’s going to be in it. We get our share next week too, but someone’s picking it up for us since we’ll be away. Does each share get a variety of apples or a bag of one kind to choose from, do you happen to know?

  • HI Jennifer,

    I think Gretta said most things will be the same, but some will different next week.

    Today, each share got one bag of apples. Each bag had a single variety. So they had to choose between the five varieties. They are absolutely beautiful apples! Gretta gave me a few Empires and they are just fantastic. No blemishes, perfect ripeness, enormous, etc etc.

  • I’m totally impressed! What a nice array of edibles…


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