first frost (a light frost) at my community plot

Community Garden Plot, Watching the Seasons

dead bean plants

It looks like my community garden plot had a light frost both of the past two nights. My tender crops (beans and eggplants) were killed yesterday and today the tops of my marigolds look singed. My semi-hardy (beets, carrots and endive) and hardy crops (broccoli, kale, peas and radish) (source) are doing fine.

I will make a notation for my calendar for next year that these beans were planted too late for the community plot. They were just about to bloom. The last crop will need to go in 3 weeks earlier here.

My home garden only got down to about 40F and beans are fine there. This garden in snuggled in between houses and streets. My community plot is in an undeveloped area, very exposed to the weather and located at the base of a bowl on the north side of a hill. Its been quite cold and windy there this week. My new compost pile is gaining height as I add the frosted plants.

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