evening field

sunset over freshly mowed field

Here’s the field next to my community plot. I thought it looked beautiful in the setting sunlight tonight. The field was mowed yesterday and the gardens have that rich smell of freshly mowed hay.

October 15: I thought I’d add the images below.

field original field with only shadows adjusted

The original (unadjusted) image is on the left. The one on the right has only shadows and exposure adjusted. Neither of these look like the scene as I remembered it, so I made more adjustments. Here’s how I remember the scene:

sunset over mowed field - interpretation

But then my eyes aren’t so good and maybe it wasn’t quite so colorful, so the top photo is my compromise.

Note added Oct 28: Can you believe it – there’s a Port-O-Potty in the middle of this lovely field today! Actually that’s great. The Friends of Rock Meadow is having a two weekend volunteer clean-up event. I hope to be able to help out next Sat. (Don’t really want to us the seat in the middle of the field though….)

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