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Garden Planning

Microsoft PowerPoint - Vegetable garden plan 2009a

This is a quick early plan for next year’s garden – to give us an idea of where to put the rocks for the bench. The new space we are adding is to the east of my gate in the community plot.

garden planning (drawings and diagrams)
garden planning (drawings and diagrams)

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  • Ok…can I just say I love that it is colored coded!! My husband that I was nuts. Ok…maybe the color-coded pots went a little far but the plan needs color, right?

  • Color-coded pots! Wow. With powerpoint its so easy to add color to a plan, why not. I was just noticing that I didn’t code the community plot. Later….

  • I was just thinking that I needed to do this as well. Although I’ll wait until I have a little more time in the winter.

  • you said in an previous post that you wanted an asparagus patch. are you planting one?

  • Wow! You have raised the bar for my planning. 🙂 I am new to your blog- do you rotate you crops through different parts of your plot(s)?

  • Yes, I rotate the crops. Nothing stays in the same spot as last year.

    I particularly wanted the tomatoes to be in the new area, as far as possible from the old soil where they did so poorly this year.

    I did this diagram early because of the stumps and rocks in the area we are expanding into. We probably won’t remove stumps in the compost area.

    And a couple giant rocks with flat surfaces will be the base of my bench, so we’ll move them to the corner. The stumps in the bench area can just be cut off at the surface level.

    And I’m not sure about the asparagus area. I was thinking of putting a row along the fence next to the rhubarb and behind the peppers and onions. I’m still figuring how much space to give it. It doesn’t go in until spring and takes several years til I can harvest it. Don’t know if I have the patience for this.

  • Mmm, rhubarb! What a good idea.

    Are you not doing pumpkins again? Or does that count in the winter squash area.

  • Yes pumpkins would go in with winter squash. And up over the shade arbor over the bench maybe. But I do probably need more space for them. Especially since the summer squash do tend to expand wherever they can. Thanks for reminding me.

    I am making a list of all these ideas. In January, I’ll redo the diagram based on these and order my seeds.


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