more work on plot expansion

Garden Work

blue smoke
stump removal with come-along big stump

I’m lucky to have assistance with this project. We’ve got some gigantic stumps. (6 big ones and 4 or 5 little ones.) Too bad we couldn’t just bury a charge of explosive under them, back up and let them blow. Nevertheless, we are making progress. And we’ll sleep soundly tonight after all this work.

community plot expansion project

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  • Hey, im planning my garden for next year. Cam you send me a list of your reccomended varieties? Thanks. My email is

    by the way, i hope you make progress quickly on the plot expansion.

  • Hi eecpckevin,

    I’ll post my recommended varieties soon. I like to go through the varieties I grew at the end of the year, before I forget, and list what I like and what I didn’t.


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