cultivate your own – 100 reasons

100 reasons to grow a vegetable garden:

“Find the shortest, simplest way between the earth, the hands, and the mouth.”
-Lanza Del Vasto
To participate in one of the basic parts of living – producing your own food
Free food!
Reduce trips to the grocery store
To reduce pesticides and chemicals in your food
To experience the seasons
To increase vitamin D levels by regular sunlight exposure
To breath fresh air
For physical exercise that produces something tangible
To hear the birds singing
For the beauty of the plants
For the scents, colors and sounds of the garden
To create a work of art
To express yourself with straight even rows or wild tangled patches
A weight bearing activity that can increase bone density
Produce better quality food
To grow rare and heirloom varieties not available commercially
For a quiet break from high stress and electronic activities
For access to super local food
To put your yard into productive use
To beautify your yard
To help support honey bee and butterfly populations
So you can blog about it during downloads
To produce food you can share
To lower your food costs
So you can meet other gardeners
To know exactly where your food comes from
For a hobby your whole family can participate in
For real food
To support the green movement and reduce your global footprint
To eat more vegetables and less junk food
To play in the dirt
For geosmin, the musky smell of freshly turned soil
For sustainability as an ethical and practical way to live
To support biodiversity
For access to seasonal food
For minimally processed food
For the freshest and sweetest tomatoes
For giant dark red beets
Because enjoyment of the fruit is complete when one is “inextricably entwined with the memory of the plant in its various stages of development” KGI
For more sunlight
For lots of new crops to celebrate with a martini
For happiness
To remember my grandparents’ and my parents’ gardens and to grow and enjoy the plants they grew
To care for the earth, ourselves and others
To learn about nature
To experience the interconnectedness of our environment

I don’t quite have a 100 reasons yet. Let me know your reasons. I’m sure we can reach at least 100!

Cultivate Greatness
Micheal Pollan’s website
Belmont Community Supported Agriculture Blog
J. Ikerd papers
Kitchen Gardeners International

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