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Our community garden paths are lush now with the tall grasses and weeds of midsummer. So different from the mud paths and bare fences of spring. I’m hoping to get some time to weed whack a bit this week, though it is a busy one. It would be a perfect time to spend a morning in the garden searching through the squash vines and bean plants to see what’s going on. Skippy would like that too.

Belmont Victory Garden
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  • that’s one happy looking puppy there! are your tomatoes ripening? I’ve picked 8 already, most are just falling off the vine and they’re so delicious, hardly any seeds – which is weird… cukes are a-plenty and i have lovely purple blooms on my eggplant (which is a bonus, since the garden center literally gave them to us – doubtful they’d survive planting 🙂

  • What a wonderful photo of Skippy. He looks like he’s having fun there in the long grass!

  • Yes, I have tomatoes! (I’m eating my second one now.) I post some photos soon.

    Wish I had cukes a-plenty. Mine are tiny tiny. I was happy to get a few from Gretta farm today (my local CSA).

    And yes, Skippy seems pretty happy. We were heading out toward the swimming hole in this photo. Always his favorite.

  • Ah, the delights of a swimming hole. I knew his mouth couldn’t be watering at the thought of carrots and other veggies for dinner. (Or do I need to explore more of your blog? Does Skippy have a favorite vegetable that makes him drool like one of Pavlov’s dogs?)

  • Skippy doesn’t like ANY vegetables! Except grass. Why do dogs like grass?

    Skippy eats Innova EVO, a grain-free dog food that does have some vegetables (potatoes, apples, tomatoes, carrots, and garlic). But he’s a big meat eater. We mix in about 50% freshly cooked poultry, usually ground turkey. Last night we shared chicken wings. Ah, the life of a spoiled dog…..


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