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home garden July 14, 2008

I pulled a lot of weeds and overgrown crops yesterday. This makes room for planting fall crops. I pulled patches of bolted arugula, lettuce and endive. These are now nice patches of bare dirt, ready to go.

My peas are falling over. Only the purple podded Capucijners soup peas are left now. They will mature soon and then I’ll harvest the pods and pull the plants. For now, I’m letting the vines and trellis do as they please.

Note: I added mouse overs to this photo. If you click on the picture then mouse over, the crop labels show up.

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  • Are those snap peas in the back right corner? Mine are also starting to brown and wither. Is that normal for this time of year? Is it because of the heat or because the peas have reached their end of life? I didn’t know if I was doing something wrong. I can never remember how long snap peas have lasted in previous years.

  • My snap peas turned brown and died a few weeks ago. Its normal for them to do this when the summer warms up. But this was early for me. Last year I picked beautiful snap peas until July 26!

    I have heard other gardeners complain about peas this year. It got too hot too fast.

    The fading pea crop in the back right corner of my garden is Capucijner peas. These are a 6 foot tall, purple podded soup pea. They are doing very well this year. The purple pods are still on the vines. I will start picking soon.

  • Kathy, just a note for your blog that I had my first 2 ripe cherry tomatoes this morning, here in NE Mass.

    I had already picked a few junior-sized tomatoes a few days ago that had started to go orange-ish, just to put them on the windowsill and, you know, get things started. These were from a Heartland transplant that I purchased potted at a nursery on 5/29, already flowering. Just goes to show you that you can’t trump mother nature. That fruit did not come any faster than the starter plants in seed trays, after all. I will have to remember that next year.

    It was on one of the seed tray transplants, put in also 5/29, where I found the 2 bright red cherry tomatoes just an hour ago. The label says “Sugary”. A cluster of others on the next plant over look also like they are taking on a yellow cast.

    Off to the races!

  • Looks good. I need to get out & weed and pull out the old broccoli plants as well to make room for my summer lettuce crop and my fall cabbage.

  • That far left bed of mine is just full of weeds still. I’m looking forward to some time to clean it out. Its a busy work week this week – catching up from vacation is always tough. There’s some nice garlic under the weeds, ready to pull.

    I’m watching my tomatoes. I think I have another week yet. My garden is late I think. I wonder if it will help to sow them earlier next year? From Marie’s experience, maybe not…

  • Your melon leaves are big enough to be seen from space! Everything looks great. 🙂 Have you considered canning the fava beans? I’ve never seen canned favas here in the U.S., but I used to get them all the time at grocery stores in Europe.

  • I think canning takes too much time. I may try drying them.

    What a great thought that the leaves can be seen from space!! I hope I get a pumpkin that big too.

  • I’ve seen this view of your garden many times when I’ve visited you blog but it always impresses me.

    nice work.

  • thanks!


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