cooking fava beans


favas and corn

My favas continue to produce lots of beans! A prolific crop. I am experimenting with recipes to see what I like best. Here is my favorite so far:


Favas, spring onions and corn

Prepare favas by shelling larger beans and cutting smaller ones into 1 inch lengths. Sauté favas in butter and olive oil until they start to brown, about 2 minutes on high heat. Add fresh corn cut off the cob and chopped green onions. Sauté another minute or so.
Vicia faba

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  • I am just learning how to love (and manage the supply of) fava beans this year.

    I made this fava bean hummus recipe earlier in the season and absolutely loved it.

    It uses a lot of beans and is super tasty. Maybe you’d like it?

  • My Fava Bean seeds arrived in the mail yesterday and I can’t wait to start getting fresh beans. I am in zone 8a so it will be next Feb or March before that happens.

    I love reading your blog because it is so similar to my own experiences with my 250 square foot garden. I have augmented my space with a bunch of hanging grow pockets(my own design). This adds another 160 1 gallon sized pots. Seattle community gardens have a waiting list of over 1500 families!

    You can see a few of my garden experiments on my blog:

    Keep on blogging!

  • That’s a big waiting list! They should add more space.

    Thanks for the blog link, but it seems like I need a password maybe or a different link?

  • I definitely agree that we need more community garden space!

    Try this link.

    Thanks for writing!

  • Thanks for the good link. I enjoyed reading through your blog! Especially the seed post. Its good to be aware of this. Last year I saved 8 or 10 varieties of seeds. This year I hope to save more. Good luck with your experiments!

  • I haven't tried growing favas yet but I love them. I like them shelled with homemade cilantro pesto (I use walnuts and pecorino, or no cheese at all), they are nice sauteed this way with fennel and/or zucchini for a nice green spring dinner. I also just tried whole grilled favas with salt and oil as a snack – nice because your guests do the peeling.


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