today’s harvest


harvest pea havest
This is what I found in the garden today. Since it was also the first day of our local Farmer’s Market, our dinner plates were almost 100% local food. I bought local bread and kielbasa to go with my fresh peas, lettuce and other vegetables. Delicious.

I specially enjoyed the baby carrots. I had to thin my carrot patch a bit. I left the teeny ones out for the rabbit, but the larger ones were really nice in our salad. They have a nice sweet fresh orangy flavor.

My dad sent me some information about carrots today. As an EDM himself (elderly Dutch man – the population studied), he found this very encouraging. I’ll have to bring him some of my carrots soon!

Daucus carota

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  • My carrots have a nice dirt flavor. Probably because that is all that is there is the dirt. They didn’t like me therefore they didn’t come up. Hmmm?

  • Oh Tim, that’s so sad. Carrots sprout slowly and can’t dry out during sprouting. But it does help if they like their gardener.


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today’s harvest