peas, peas, peas


Pisum sativum

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  • Nice Peas, I wish I had peas forming, I have not yet had a flower, oh the waiting game 🙂

    Nice gate too, gardening certainly teachers resourcefulness.

  • Those look very healthy and ready to be picked! How long have you been growing them?

  • I planted these peas on March 18th. Thats almost 3 months of growing. These are sugar snap peas (Sugar Sprint) and I think it may time to pick some this weekend. We’ve been eating the tendrils for a month now. Its nice to have a big bed of peas so I don’t worry about picking and eating the leaves.

  • What are you doing for the peas in this heat? Do they like it? My peas have pods and flowers like yours.

  • I think all you can do for the peas is keep them watered. Maybe provide them with some shade if this is feasible.

    My peas seem fine. They only get sun from about 11am to 3pm in my shady garden. I think they like this. Perfect for peas.

    In fact I am now seriously comparing the vegetables that do well in my shady home garden with the ones that do better in my sunny community plot. Most do better with the full sun. But I think the peas might do better here. At least as well as.

    Last year my snap peas kept on producing until the end of July. June 21 was my first harvest last year. The first peas will be about 10 days earlier this year.

  • Well, I wrote in the comment above that my peas were fine, but in the end I got hardy any. Maybe one meal of snap peas and a couple of shell peas (since I let the snap peas go and ended up shelling them). I’ll just write it off to a bad year. Maybe next year will be better…..


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