pea flowers

tall telephone flowers piselle pea
snap pea flower capucijner bud
My peas have lots of blossoms. From top left: Tall Telephone, Pisello Nano, Sugar Sprint snap pea and the pink bud is a Capucijner pea. I think these will open tomorrow! Always exciting to see these beautiful flowers.

Pisum sativum

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  • Beautiful pictures!

    Can I ask you a question? Do I need to stake peas? I only have 2 and I have no idea what kind they are because they were sent home with my daughter from preschool. It was cute, they had a different seed in each finger of the glove with a wet cotton ball. They hung them on the window at school and were sent home as seedlings.

    I’ve never grown peas though and I”m not sure what to do.

    I just started reading your blog the other day and I love it.

  • How exciting! I remember growing corn seeds that way as a child.

    I would plant them outside in the yard in a sunny spot. There are several types of peas, tall and short. Some are 1 foot tall some are 6 feet tall. The most common garden ones are the shorter ones, about 2 feet tall. Even with the shorter ones it is nice to give them something to climb on. A tree branch works good. Maybe you can find a small branch and if they seem to be outgrowing this later you can add a taller branch.

    Make sure they have sun and water them once a day.

    Maybe they are sweet peas and will have pretty colored blossoms! They grow about 4-5 feet tall I think. Or maybe they are eating peas with white blossoms. Fun to see! Good luck.

  • lovely!

    Lakewood flowers


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