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On the front page of the Boston Globe today is a great article about an increase in home vegetable gardens! Awesome.

A few snippits from the article: Seed sales are up 20% … Boston has 3000 community gardens and hundreds of people on the wait list currently (plot fees are $30) …. people turn to gardening in economic slowdowns … gardeners at least partly motivated by saving money … 15 healthy tomato plants will produce about 100 pounds of tomatoes …at $3.99/lb …$400 … estimated to cost $55 to grow those 15 tomato plants.

Wow. $400-$55 is a savings of $345! Of course, this doesn’t add in the time you spend. Digging, weeding, watering… If you add that in the savings are enormous. Its a wonderful way to spend time and itself worth an enormous sum…

And here’s an interesting related post from yesterday at Garden Rant: Seed sales double in response to rising costs.

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  • I have read this a couple of places and think that it is wonderful! Our city is pretty big with about 110k people and a neighboring city only 15 miles away with the same amount of people, why do we not have a community garden somewhere?!?! It drives me insane. If James and I were able I would be the first to start one. I’m wondering if it is the hot hot weather and lack of rain that stops someone from starting one.

  • My town (Richmond, VA) has several community gardens, but every time I go out jogging in my downtown neighborhood, I see plenty of potential sites for new community gardens. There is very high demand around here for them, so I’m keeping my ears open. Until then, I’ll live vicariously through yours. 🙂

  • I love to drive around and imagine how a garden would look here or there. So many spaces that could be put to good use.

    I don’t why you can’t have a community garden in the south? Have you looked at the American Community Gardening Association website? There are lots of gardens in Texas, most around Dallas or Austin. Some are started by groups like church or school groups. Maybe you could start one….

  • You are leading the way! Everyone else is following your gardening example!

  • What a nice comment! Thanks.


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