winter sowing results

Starting Seeds

winter sowing
I’ve opened up my winter sowing bottles.

From the far left (the ones that grew best are bold-type):
Rudbeckia Indian Summer, Tansy, Delphinium Fantasia Mix
Purple Coneflower, Hollyhock Zebrina, Onions White Portugal
Wild Heliopsis, Dukat Dill, Delphinium Magic Fountains Mix
Onions Sweet Yellow Spanish, Shasta Daisy Alaska, Rudbeckia Green Eyes

Most of these did well. Only two pots have no sprouts: the wild heliopsis seeds that I collected and the Delphinium Fantasia mix.


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  • There is something just so rewarding about seeing green things sprouting in these bottles amid hay. Beautiful and promising!


  • Those hollyhocks look amazing! Unrelated question: are you doing dahlias this year and, if so, have you planted them yet?

  • Yes, I’m excited about the hollyhocks. Perennials are so expensive that I feel I’ve discovered something great by being about to raise a few from seed.

    I planted my dahlias a few days ago, but I don’t see any sprouts yet. How about you? I still only have the one big orange dahlia and I admired all of your beautiful varieties last year.


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