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Starting Seeds

Our forecast is a for low of 42F tonight, so I brought my tomatoes and other warm weather seedlings inside for one last night. I try to bring them in if it goes below 50F. The rest of the week is predicted to gradually warm up and I’m planning to plant these on Wednesday and Thursday.

My “warm weather seedlings” include tomatoes, squashes, peppers, basil, and zinnias. They’ve been outside “hardening off” for more than a week, day and night, now.

I was surprised at how many seedlings I’ve ended up with, so last weekend I counted them and made a seedling list. I decided how many I will keep for myself and in which garden they will go (home or community plot). I then sent the list to may parents and they listed what they want for their garden. The last column is my extras. I’ll try to find good homes for these.

My tomatoes have gotten extra attention. I cut all of the cells apart and labeled each one separately. With all of the different varieties, I worry that I’ll end up with an unidentified plant! I’d like to know what each plant is this year. I used labels that I can attach to the stem of the plant. Most years, I have no idea what individual plants are as the labels in the dirt seem to disappear.

I considered being sad, or some similar emotion, on the last night my seedlings are inside. But as a commenter yesterday said, she just went ahead and planted more seeds inside. A good solution. Actually I noticed the watermelon seedlings are not happy (i.e. they’re dead). I’ll plant another 6-pack or two of these as soon as I can. Its still a bit cold for these guys.

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