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garden with mailbox box
For Mother’s Day my son made me a mailbox for my community plot garden! Its beautiful. Metal flashing on the roof, a wood peg to secure the door. “Skippy” is hand carved on the door, which opens with brass hinges. The community gardens have few identifiers for the plots – so this will be mine. And maybe I’ll get mail some day.

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  • That mailbox is wonderful! You’ve got a very handy and talented son. 🙂 Everything looks great in your two gardens – that first salad sure is going to taste sweet!

  • That’s so cute! Your garden looks great.

  • The mailbox is fabulous, though it does say Skippy on it. So instead of mail for you, it ought to be doggie treats for Skippy. One of my dog’s favorite treats is carrots. I could just imagine finding carrots in your mailbox.

  • Great idea about the treats!

  • What is your garden path mulch do you use?

  • The mulch is wood chips provided free by our town.

    The town is doing restoration work in the adjacent meadow. Many trees are being removed and chipped. Hence there is an abundance of fresh wood chips around in piles to which we gardeners are helping ourselves. We cart wheelbarrows full back to our plots.

    These work well and look nice. Once they are gone I don’t know what I will use. Without a mulch the soil gets really dusty to walk on.


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