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tomato sprouts san marzano
This was my garden work for today. I spent a pleasant hour in the backyard this evening transplanting several trays of peppers and tomato seedlings. They have all grown up well, with the exception of the last two rows of tomatoes. They fried in the sun today since the plastic cover didn’t cover them properly. I lost all of my New Girl seedlings. Oh well….

I was transplanting the small tomatoes seedlings from the crowded seeded tray I started them in, into larger individual pots. The pots and trays of transplanted seedlings are all out in the yard now. Its gotten so warm! Wonderful. Today was close to 80 degrees F!

I think I’ll cover these freshly transplanted seedlings tomorrow to protect against the bright sunlight. (Not quite sure how to do this yet… Lattice, row cover, both?) Plus I’ll activate my sprinklers about 10 am to give good soaking prior to the heat.

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  • Hello Kathy:
    Always nice to see pictures of tomatoes and chiles! Sorry about the NG’s. A friend lost his entire crop of seedlings a few years back to rain. Well not as much the rain as the deluge that came off his roof directly into his (not so well placed) open cold frame! Needless to say he moved it the following year.

    While daytime temps in norther NM are warm, 70, night time freezes are regular. Nothing will go outside until the end of May. Having to keep seedlings indoors so long greatly reduces the number I plant. By the way, any plans for a road-side stand this year? Just kidding.

  • Amazing that you have such variety in your air temperatures there! I just keep having to wait till it is safe to plant out my seedlings.

  • Isn’t it a little early to be putting tomatoes out? I dont mean to be negative, just wondering. I try to wait until memorial day so there is no chance of frost. This weekend and into next week is looking like 40’s-60’s. Any concern that will be too cold for tomatoes? Last year I did put my tomatoes out on May 1 (just to see what would happen since I had way too many seedlings) but I also had them fully covered with plastic, like a mini green house. And they turned out pretty good.

    Great Blog!


  • Great site,those pics tell the whole story..Please do keep up the good post…Whats your email address or contact me on I’ve got some questions for you.

    Monica:) x

  • You can email me at the address at the bottom of the blog. Its or I have to apologize though, I only check email about once a week.

  • HI Ted,

    It is certainly too early to put tomatoes out. And I sowed mine a bit late, so I’ll wait until they’re a good size to plant out into the garden.

    The transplanting I did here was just going from a crowded seed tray into individual pots. I have the pots outside under some big hoops with a few layers of row fabric – my mini hoop house. It sounds like your mini green house. If the temps go down, I’ll bring them inside overnight.

    I usually can put tomatoes out in my home garden around May 15. At the wide open community garden, they tell me to wait until May 31.


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