a sunny day

watching the flowers garden work
A perfect day for garden work and looking at flowers. Unfortunately, I wasn’t out there with the squirrel today.

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  • Get a cat. I have several outdoor cats. To take care of tree dwelling rats.

  • grr, our neighborhood squirrels are nice and fat thanks to my garden. I haven’t quite found a way to get rid of them. They have figured out that my dogs are big babies.

  • I live in squirrel heaven. If you don’t control them they tear up everything. I have several outdoor (working) cats who think squirrels are a gourmet delight. If one makes it to the ground he is lunch. Fat over fed pet cats are no good for this. You need lean hungry cats that get treated like cats not ones that you treat like humans. Cats equal varmint control. The only thing they don’t eat is moles. Thye leave the moles oin the fron porch for me to take care of. The only other solution is to get a good pellet rifle and learn to like fried squrriel. They eat your tomatoes and you eat them.

  • ughhh.. i abhor squirrels . they eat all my tulip bulbs, and vegetables that are bulbous in nature. evil vermin! nice photography, though.

  • I sort of like the squirrels. They’re no too bad in the yard. The only thing I have trouble with is growing sunflowers. I think these squirrels are so well fed, they don’t bother with tomatoes or deeply planted bulbs.

    Most of our neighbors (who are very close since the house lots here are 1/8th acre at most) have several cats each. Unfortunately I have a husband who is allergic to cats. What can you do…

    My son has volunteered to use the squirrels for target practice, but I said no.

    Anyway, please ignore my squirrel photos if you dislike squirrels (and likewise my sparrow photos). I enjoy whatever wildlife I can attract.

  • great philosophy! i have nothing against squirrels, when they leave my plants alone. ahh, and my radishes sprouted..i added a new post!

  • go radishes! (I did already read it – I’m on top of things tonight…)


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