spring flowers

forsythia scilla
Spring comes very fast once it starts.

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  • Those three images together sure do make a nice picture. Almost like paint colors for a room.

  • Kathy,

    I love your blog! It has so inspired me to garden. I had forgotten just how relaxing it is. Your site ROCKS!
    Keep up the good work – I know you inspire so many people. Hugs to Skippy, too.

  • Beautiful spring colors…I am so used to seeing some shade of green when I open your site, that the pink made me sit up and smile. Are there any pink vegtables? Great photos!

  • Thanks!

    I should look for brighter vegetables this year. I do hope to have some bright orange, pink and striped tomatoes. Pumpkins are nice and bright. And of course my purple peas are always pretty. This year I will also do companion planting and mix flowers with veggies. I have marigolds, nasturtiums, asters, daisies, hyssop, and bright orange cosmos.


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