seeds from Dave

seeds from dave
My neighbor brought over these seeds this morning. They’re leftovers of his favorite pumpkins and squashes from previous garden years. I love sharing seeds. I’ll try a few of each and see what I can grow. Thanks Dave! I’ll have tomato and pepper seedlings soon to trade.

Cucurbita pepo (squash)

Pumpkin — Cucurbitaceae spp.

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  • Do you have problems with squash bugs?

    A few years back I tried growing squash two years in a row. Both years the squash bugs completely ravaged my plants and I got virtually nothing to eat. The plants also get really large and take up a lot of room. If I could find some way to control the squash bugs, I’d consider squash again even though it takes up two or three times as much space as other vegetables — it is one of my favorite vegetables.

  • That’s why I was happy to get a large new community garden space. I enjoy growing squashes, but they get so big. And they need a lot of sun. I have two good spaces saved for them in my new space.

    I have never seen a squash bug. I do have a lot of trouble with vine borers. I’ll have to start thinking about what I’m going to do about these this year.

  • Sadly, Botanical Interests won’t ship to Canada. Their stuff is beautiful!

  • Awesome!

  • Thank you for this informative blog, it has been very useful to me!

    Many blessings…


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