a pea sprout!

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pea sprout
Definitely a cause for celebration! I found a little green pea sprout out in the rain today. A Sugar Spring snap pea. Yippee! Not much to look at yet.

These were planted on March 18th (17 days ago).

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  • Funny to see that your first snow peas are emerging. Mine are long gone…

  • congrats! I WAS INUNDATED with rain last night, and today, 68 degrees, the radishes are beggining to sprout. also, th eminute flowered cherry trees are blooming.whats blooming near you?

  • Natick MA
    I noticed some spinach sprouts today that I also planted on March 18. Maybe we are turning the corner. Indeed a reason to celebrate!

  • I planted peas indoors and they sprouted very quickly. I grew them for the sole purpose of eating pea shoots, so I’ve already harvested some.

  • What a great idea – to plant peas just to eat the sprouts!. I am making a special point this year to plant enough seeds to eat lots of tendrils! I bet the shouts are even sweeter.

  • hi Arthur, Turning the corner into spring! As I look up into the trees, which are ALMOST starting to leaf, it seems sooo close. Soon it will be a green warm hot humid summer. The anticipation is probably the best time of year.

    – spinach sprouts sound good. I have a package of spinach seeds to go in tomorrow. I’ve never grown spinach, but we do eat it often.

  • hi Alec, I’ll have to go out with my camera soon to show what’s blooming here. I LOVE your daffodil photo on your blog. Here we have a few daffodils just opening today. And I think maybe the quince down the road will bloom very soon. The silver and swamp maples have frilly red blossoms this week. No cherries yet. But soon…


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