garden plan

Garden Planning

garden plan
Here’s a drawing of my current plan for my community garden plot. (It’s almost legible – my writing is not the best.) I’ve changed from rows to beds. I’m going to experiment with companion planting this year, so I hope to mix in herbs or flowers with many of my crops.

Sally Cunningham the author of Great Garden Companions recommends tansy with beets. I have some nice tansy sprouts from winter sowing. What do you think about putting this aggressive (and pretty) plant in my plot? Tansy may repel potato beetles and squash but more importantly and it attracts a broad range beneficial insects.

garden planning (drawings and diagrams)

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  • We are gardening with rows this year, but I got a book that talked about bed gardening or wide row gardening and I want to do that next year. I can’t wait to see how your garden progresses! Since this is our first year gardening I already have a list of things that I want to change. haha. That list will probably change a million times before next spring.

  • Me too. I make plans and change them. Why not!

    (By the way, I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned but I love your blog.)

  • Be careful with the tansy — it can be very, very invasive!

  • I’ve decided to keep the tansy out of the vegetable areas. I have a separate area at home of flowers only where I’ll put the tansy.

    I figure my neighbors at the community garden wouldn’t be very pleased with the tansy. There’s a lot of concern about neighbors who spread weeds.


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