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For the first time I will do a presentation on garden blogging! I do scientific presentations regularly, but now a group has invited me to speak about my hobby. The event is the Squirrel Brand Community Garden Spring Kickoff. Its on Saturday, May 10, 10-4:15, Squirrel Brand Community Garden, between Boardman and Broadway streets in Cambridge MA. (Here’s their discussion board.) Stop by if you’re in the area! My talk is at 10 am.

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  • Sometimes I read things wrong and the result is even better and frequently amusing.

    I read Squirrel Brand Community…
    as: Squirrel Band…

    Thought: What?! Looked at it again. Thanks for the smile. Wish I could be there.

  • Hi Kathy, Fran and I are HUGE admirers of your blog – we visit a couple times a week and love to see your garden progress. (We must admit we are slightly envious as well) We have asked Steve to bring in some of your harvest but we do not trust that you have got the request!Let us know when we need to make some dip! 🙂 Keep up the great work – your blog is an inspiration! Stacie and Fran

  • Neat! That’s just a 10min walk down Broadway from where I live. I’ll try to come – it would be nice to meet you!

    – Amelia (aka smarttart)

  • kathy – I’ll be cheering you on from Chicago. you’ll do great and i can’t wait to read about it on your blog.

  • Also, perhaps the most important question: will Skippy be accompanying you to the talk??!!


  • Hi Fran and Staci, I think my first harvest will be lettuce in late May. Hopefully peas and broccoli in mid June. So, if you have dip ready then, I’ll send in veggies! Thanks for the support! Kathy

  • And about Skippy, I have been told he should come since its “his garden”. Hmmm.

    The problem is that he will expect to be the center of attention. He’ll bark and want to do his tricks. When he does therapy visits (he’s a therapy dog and visits nursing homes, hospitals and schools with Caring Canines) he hardly lets me say anything. We’ll see….

  • Great! congrats & good luck.

    WE definitely love your blog, so it is great to see others will get to share in it, offline.

  • I just love your blog! Have you done much with fall gardening? I found a great site to check for fall gardening tips.


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