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I’m getting excited about my upcoming Community garden plot assignment! My count down is into the single digits now! 9 more days! On April 12th I’m hoping for a big sunny new garden plot. I’m number 2 on the waiting list of new gardeners.

Someone from a neighboring town asked me how I got on the community plot waiting list. Last summer, I looked on the Belmont town website and found the garden information and emailed my request.

For Cambridge, you could check out this link: • How do I get a community garden plot in Cambridge MA? Their answer: “You may contact the Conservation Commission at (617) 349-4680. You likely will be placed on a waiting list.”

My understanding is that community garden plots are in short supply around this area.


Belmont Victory Garden

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  • I’m the coordinator for the Squirrel Brand Community Garden on Broadway and Boardman, in Cambridge. Although we have a decent waiting list, anyone from the community interested in being placed on the waitlist can contact me tomdtom(at@)

    For the other Cambridge gardens, contact the Conservation Commission, ask to speak with Jennifer Wright and she’ll direct you to the garden coordinator.

    Also… kinda off topic, but… THIS SITE ROCKS!!!

  • Thanks!

    I can’t find where the question/comment was left about how to get a Cambridge site, but hopefully the asker will look here. Thanks for the contact info.

  • Hi! I don’t know where I am on the waiting list, but hopefully not too far back… I added my name in February. I’m living the apartment life, and so for me this is a transfer away from container gardening (yay!).
    About contact info:
    I am a member of the ACGA ( ) and found the Belmont garden through their website. They have a search engine that locates gardens by zip code or city, if anyone’s looking?
    I am impatient to get my peas in the ground, as I know they like a cold start. Our fellow community gardeners over there have already started planting…*sigh* As a cure for my own springfever since I can’t yet dig, I’m also online over here (a blog in its infancy…)
    See you next week!

  • Hi Margo, I love your blog. I hope its OK if I link to you, as I think I’ll start a local gardeners list.

    I also like the ACGA site you mention. They have nice tee shirts!

    I was at Rock Meadow today and as you said, there is a lot of activity. Pea planting and otherwise.

    See you!

  • Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for your visit and for linking to me, and I hope I didn’t violate netiquette – I linked to several blogs I’ve been reading. Perhaps I should have asked? Oh dear.

    See you soon at the gardens, and hopefully the weather will be obliging.

  • Margo, No need to ask about linking. Everybody likes links (or they wouldn’t be blogging). I just was pleased to be setting up a collection of very local bloggers and wanted to mention the new link.

  • Community garden plots are like gold dust. I just recently got one in Portland, OR. Out of sheer luck there were some plots left in a new community garden. All the other, established ones have waiting lists of at least a year.

    Good luck!


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